Slips and The F.W.'s

Slips & The F.W.'s are a whimsical, whirling whirlwind of wily musicians from the Gold Coast, Brisbane, and Toowoomba. This cadre of audacious auditory artisans dare to rekindle the long-forgotten embers of Early Blues, Traditional Jazz, and Ragtime relics from the labyrinthine epochs spanning the 1900s through the tumultuous 1930s. But, pray tell, this is no ordinary aural escapade. Tangled in tunes, their sonic sorcery draws inspiration from legendary luminaries such as Clarence Williams, Blind Boy Fuller, and Spencer Williams among a myriad of others. Tantalisingly transporting a taste of New Orleans, they friskily frolic, flinging forth flavourful favourites and feisty figments, fusing in their fanciful formation, frothing a flavour of far-flung French Quarter flair wherever their feet may fancy.

David Kume - Resonator Guitar/Vocals

Roberto Fontana - Trumpet

Paul Edwards - Saxophone/Clarinet

Zoe Atkinson - Trombone

Stevie Mac - Keys

Bayden Mitchell - Upright Bass

Brad Tabe – Washboard